Norwegian Documentary Photograpyh

See my work for Norwegian Journal of photography at Henie Onstad Art Gallery from Augst 23rd to January 5th 2020.

Norwegian Journal of Photography

In 2013 I was allowed to immerse into the identity of young Norwegian girls. In a world that is even tougher than when I grew up, young women and men are shaped by ideals that can be perceived as inhuman.

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I grew up in Hønefoss  - and hour away from Oslo.  The interest for art and photograpy started early but it wasn't until my twenties I started being serious.  about the photography. I attended my first Morten Krogvold workshop in the 90'ies  - and then it startet rolling.  

A very productive period was the time I was treated for breastcancer.  Photography was part om my therapy trough a difficult time.

I have a business degree that has alowed me to work full and part time to finance many of my projects. 

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